Meet Grimace! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Grimace, an adorable four year-old Lionhead rabbit available for adoption at IndyCLAW Rescue! Grimace is a special bun because it is actually a hermaphrodite (more common in rabbits that you would believe), though the rescue refers to Grimace as a male. Although he was both neutered AND spayed, the veterinarian recommended that he be placed only with other fixed rabbits in case something was missed during his surgeries. Grimace is a sweetheart (how can you resist that precious, fuzzy face?) and could potentially be a good bonding candidate with another rabbit. He would also be a great choice for first-time bunny owners because of his friendly personality! If you think this sweet bunny would be a great fit for your family, hop on over to IndyCLAW and fall in love with this adorable honey bun! Grimace’s adoption fee is $80, but if you want double the fun, adopt two and the adoption fee is $120 for the pair! For more information on Grimace, please visit IndyCLAW‘s website or email … visits are by appointment only!

Grimace is …
– a bit special in the fact that he’s a hermaphrodite, so he needs to be with other spayed/neutered rabbits.
– good with cats and potentially a good bonding candidate.
– litter-box trained.
– neutered AND spayed.

*I have a link to IndyCLAW’s rabbit adoption information page. It has tons of great information and things you need to consider before adopting a rabbit and giving it a forever home. Please read this information thoroughly, especially if you are looking to adopt your first bunny! I personally have adopted from this rescue and it was such a wonderful experience!*

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