Happy Tails

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” – J.W. Stephens

Completely genuine.
Always happy to see you.
Doesn’t care if you’re popular or the biggest nerd at school.
Thinks you’re perfect, no matter how you look.
Loves unconditionally.
Helps you see the best in yourself and inspire you to BE your best self.

I could go on and on about why pets are amazing, but any pet-owner out there knows I’m preaching to the choir. I’m a happier person with my dogs in my life … they make my house more of a home, their warmth not just coming from their furry bodies, but from the unconditional love they have in their hearts.

Please comment and share your own happy adoption tails … love makes the world around us a whole lot brighter. ❤☀


It took me longer than I expected after losing Rufus for my heart to truly be ready to adopt another dog, but in January 2017, about 10 months after saying goodbye to one dog soulmate, I met another one. I had seen Gus (known as Grizzly at the shelter) on Petfinder and saw he was at the Marion Animal Care and Control facility, so I called and asked about him before making the trip. The story I was told was that he had been wandering a nearby neighborhood over Christmas and residents who saw him assumed he’d gotten out while his family was out of town, so they fed him and gave him water and he continued living on the streets. When it seemed apparent no one was looking for him, animal control was called and he was taken to the shelter. I will always believe God led me to the shelter at the exact day and time I needed to be there because he won me over instantly with his big brown eyes and gentle nature. My kids immediately loved him and he was good with Georgia … you could tell he just wanted to love and be loved. He’s my shadow, my snuggle buddy (he doesn’t mind if he’s big spoon or little spoon) and he’s so patient and loving with my three kids. He has a special bond with my youngest, probably because I got pregnant shortly after adopting Gus, and Gus would rest his head against my belly. We have no idea how old Gus is, maybe anywhere from five to seven now, but we’re beyond blessed he’s part of our family. ❤