Meet Magic!

Meet Magic, an active New Zealand rabbit available for adoption at IndyCLAW Rescue! Magic came to the rescue from Indianapolis Animal Control’s vet clinic with his twin brother, who promptly bonded to another rabbit and was adopted, and now poor Magic wants his very own forever home! Magic loves to explore and is an active, food-motivated bun who appreciates plenty of space to exercise. Magic can get a bit of a bunnitude if left in a cage for too long, so a designated open play area would be best for him. Although he does not enjoy being picked up and cuddled, he appreciates affection and attention once he’s done roaming and exploring and because of this, Magic would be best in a home without small children. It’s uncertain if he would be a good bonding candidate with another rabbit (especially after his own brother abandoned him!), though he does well with cats. Does your home need a little bit of Magic? If you think this sweet boy would be a great fit for your family, hop on over to IndyCLAW and fall in love with this adorable honey bun! Magic’s adoption fee is $80, but if you want double the fun, adopt two and the adoption fee is $120 for the pair! For more information on Magic, please visit IndyCLAW‘s website or email … visits are by appointment only!

Magic is …
– an animated, food-motivated bun that enjoys affection on his own terms and does not like being picked up and held.
– in need of plenty of space to roam and exercise and gets a bunnitude if left in a cage for too long.
– good with cats, but best in a home without children.
– litter-box trained.
– neutered.

*I have a link to IndyCLAW’s rabbit adoption information page. It has tons of great information and things you need to consider before adopting a rabbit and giving it a forever home. Please read this information thoroughly, especially if you are looking to adopt your first bunny! I personally have adopted from this rescue and it was such a wonderful experience!*

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