Meet Chamomile & Hoover! *SPECIAL NEEDS*

ChamomileHoover Meet Chamomile and Hoover, a bonded pair of rabbits available for adoption through the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Chamomile is a five and a half year-old English spot mix while Hoover is a ten year-old American bunny, but don't let advanced age deter you from giving this pair the loving forever home they deserve. … Continue reading Meet Chamomile & Hoover! *SPECIAL NEEDS*

Meet Lady Ghost! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Lady Ghost, a sweet five month-old female chinchilla available for adoption at NWI Chinchilla Rescue! Lady Ghost is a gorgeous white ebony mosaic curly/locken chinchilla, she has the most beautiful markings (and cute curl to her tail and fur) and her personality is just as pretty! She can be a bit cautious while getting … Continue reading Meet Lady Ghost! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*