Meet Veronica & Betty!

Veronica (left) & Betty

Meet Veronica and Betty, an adorable bonded pair of rabbits available for adoption at IndyCLAW Rescue! These sweet sisters have been at the rescue since the summer of 2020 and while Betty had no issues with her spay surgery, Veronica was unable to be spayed during the first procedure. The veterinarian first thought that maybe she was too young during the first attempt and that her organs weren’t fully developed, but during the second attempt it was discovered that Veronica had arteries attached to her reproductive organs in a way that prevented her from being spayed. Veronica can NOT be with a male that has not been neutered! She has no health issues, however, and both girls are curious and active bunnies! Veronica and Betty enjoy exploring and love to be petted, but they’re also very independent and will let you know when they want personal space, so they will need a forever family that can respect those boundaries. Who needs Archie when you have Veronica and Betty? This precious pair is quite the dynamic duo, so hop on over to IndyCLAW and fall in love with these sweet honey buns! Veronica and Betty’s adoption fee is $120 for the pair. For more information on Veronica and Betty, please visit IndyCLAW‘s website or email … visits are by appointment only!

Veronica & Betty are …
– independent girls who enjoy exploring and pets, but will let you know when they want their personal space.
– a bonded pair that MUST be adopted together!
– good with cats.
– litter-box trained.
– spayed (Betty), but Veronica is unable to be spayed due to attached arteries to her reproductive organs.

*I have a link to IndyCLAW’s rabbit adoption information page. It has tons of great information and things you need to consider before adopting a rabbit and giving it a forever home. Please read this information thoroughly, especially if you are looking to adopt your first bunny! I personally have adopted from this rescue and it was such a wonderful experience!*

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