Meet Connie! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Connie, an energetic nearly-three year-old mixed rabbit available for adoption through the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Poor Connie was part of a big bunny dump in a park back in February/March of 2017 and because of that she can be a bit skittish. Luckily, this energetic girl is so curious that she comes right back to check everything out and loves to be pet in the process! She’s learning every day to trust that not all humans will just dump rabbits in parks, that there are people who will love and appreciate bunny love and snuggles. Connie is also quite the foodie, her favorite being salad! She’ll wait next to her foster mom when she makes salad and will even take pieces of lettuce from mom’s mouth! She devours her bunny pellets and could eat hay all day … let’s just say Connie loves to eat! Connie also might benefit from the perfect husbun, if he’s out there! Do you think you and Connie could enjoy some nice salads together? If you want Connie to be a part of your forever family, please fill out the adoption questionnaire and check the link on adopting a rabbit from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Connie’s adoption fee is $65 (which helps cover her spay surgery) and she’ll come home with a small bag of hay, a small bag of pellets and her veterinary history.

Connie is …
– a bit skittish and startles easily, but curious enough to come back to check it all out and be pet.
– learning to trust and enjoy humans.
– potentially in the market for a husbun, if the perfect mate can be found!
– litter-box trained.
– spayed.

I’ve included a link on keeping rabbits as pets from the Indiana House Rabbit Society … there’s tons of great information on their website!

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