Meet Millie! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Millie, a spunky two year-old Pit Bull available for adoption at the Rushville Animal Shelter! Millie had a rough start to life and only knew being chained in a backyard until being rescued approximately three months ago. She’s currently with a foster family that’s working to help her understand enjoying life indoors, including playing with toys and learning how to fetch. She’s very good at not having accidents inside, but needs to be kept on a strict schedule to reinforce this good behavior. She’s very shy when meeting new people and is easily startled, so if her forever home has small children Millie will need her own safe space for alone time. Millie has also struggled a bit with separation anxiety and definitely needs to be properly leashed or confined when she’s outdoors. She loves to snooze on the couch under blankets and enjoys the company of other dogs and even cats! Anyone interested in adopting Millie needs to fill out an adoption application. If you have any questions, please contact the Rushville Animal Shelter at (765) 932-4754 (check the shelter website for hours of operation) and make an appointment to meet this special girl. Millie’s adoption fee has been waived.

Millie is …
– two years old and weighs about 40 pounds.
– good with children and cats, but does best when she has a doggy friend … she MUST go to a home with another dog!
– a bit shy at first, but warms up and loves couch snuggles and TOYS!!!
– a bit of a flight risk outdoors, so she MUST be properly leashed or confined when outside.
– housebroken.
– spayed.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on her vaccinations and heartworm negative.
– FREE to her future forever home!

*UPDATE: Millie’s profile was posted a month ago, but since then she was adopted and brought into a new home. She became scared when out on leash and succeeded in escaping and was on the run for 10 days before returning home. Millie MUST go to a home where she is properly leashed or confined when outdoors and due to the fact that she tends to have separation anxiety, she needs to also go to a home where she has a doggy friend that can always be with her. She does not do well with surprises or abrupt schedule changes, and she needs to be where she can also go to a special “alone time” spot when she feels overwhelmed. You still MUST fill out a special needs adoption application (link is above in first paragraph), Millie is quite the special girl and needs to go to an equally special home where she will receive the attention and quality of life she deserves! You can also check out her updated Facebook post!

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