Meet Georgie Boy! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet George (fondly known as Georgie Boy), a one year-old bearded dragon available for adoption through A Critter’s Chance! He was surrendered by his owner because there was a fear of how he would do around dogs, but he’s been fantastic at his foster home with their dogs and absolutely loves people, especially his five year-old human foster sister. Georgie Boy’s interests include long walks on the beach, basking, eating crickets and unsweetened apple sauce, sleeping in impossibly uncomfortable positions and giving vicious side eye. If you’re interested in giving Georgie Boy his forever home, please contact Kelly Thomas with A Critter’s Chance, either by phone [(765) 430-5610] or email ( His adoption fee is $80.

Bearded dragons like it hot (approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and adult dragons need a 75-gallon aquarium to live comfortably. A bearded dragon also like to be misted with a spray bottle and have enough water where it can soak, but not too much so that the enclosure doesn’t get too humid. Bearded dragons have a lifespan of six to 10 years, possibly more in captivity, so make sure you’re ready to make that lifelong commitment! I’ve included a link on bearded dragons for more information and how to care for one.


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