Meet Fiver & Hazel! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Fiver and Hazel, a bonded pair of neutered bunnies available for adoption through EARPS! These sweet boys have been overlooked for far too long … over two and a half years in the rescue! You could not find two sweeter, more loving rabbits, their only fault being that they are plain-looking. They’re wonderful around all people, including children, and are also great with dogs and cats. Seriously, won’t someone give these sweet boys a chance and take them home to join the family? If you’re interested in adopting Fiver and Hazel and giving them a forever home, please fill out an adoption application on the EARPS website. Their adoption fee is $80 for the pair.

Fiver and Hazel are …
– tightly bonded, so they MUST be adopted together!
– litter-box trained.
– great with children, dogs and cats.
– neutered.

I’ve included links on this sweet Bunnicula (white rabbit with red eyes) and rabbit care. It has tons of great information and things you need to consider before adopting a rabbit and giving it a forever home. Please read this information thoroughly, especially if you are looking to adopt your first bunny!

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