Meet Jerry Jercino (JJ)! *SPECIAL NEEDS*

Meet Jerry Jercino (aka JJ), a three year-old Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix with no tail, but a heckuva tale to tell, available for adoption through People United 4 Pets Rescue. An abuse case out of Atlanta in 2015, JJ was a 4 or 5 month-old puppy whose tail had been ripped out, causing nerve damage, and had received other injuries consistent with sexual abuse (what is wrong with people?!). He was transported to New Jersey to a rescue for rehab and made nearly a full recovery, which I consider a miracle considering the extent of his injuries. Jerry was listed on Petfinder, and People United 4 Pets Rescue founder, Scarlett Cmiel, felt that she needed to help him move on to his next step, so as an 8 month-old puppy, Jerry was flown to Indiana to join the pack. After the first year of just getting to be a dog, it was discovered Jerry still had a piece of bone left to his tail that required surgical removal and several rounds of antibiotics to remove the infection. Now well-healed from his injuries, Jerry has loads of energy and just wants to find a forever home where he can be loved, smothered in attention and trained! The lucky person to adopt JJ also gets two free training sessions from Just Like Magic LLC to ensure your adoption goes smoothly. Please contact People United 4 Pets Rescue on their Facebook page or email at for more information about JJ!

Jerry is …
– good with other dogs (preferably his size and female) and seems to get along well with cats and horses.
– crate-trained.
– great with people (though he still is fearful of loud voices), but especially loves children.
– extremely smart and willing to learn.
– loves being active, enjoying activities like running, hiking, roller-blading

Jerry is special needs because …
– he is fecal incontinent because of the nerve damage from his tail and is required to be on a raw diet to manage it. (He is fine with being diapered, if necessary, but as long as he’s kept on the raw diet, the incontinence seems to be a non-issue.) He is also muzzle-trained in cases where he might be around things he’s not supposed to eat.

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