Meet Gizmo, a goofy and lovable five year-old Yorkie mix available for adoption through Mended Hearts Rescue! Gizmo had some sort of infection or infestation during his past that caused him to lose most of his hair and it’s uncertain when or if it will grow back, but that just means he would be the perfect companion to dress in adorable sweaters (and your grooming costs will be little to nothing!). You’d never know he was nearly naked with his goofy personality and million-dollar smile that causes everyone around him to smile back. He’s currently working on crate- and housetraining with his foster family and is progressing splendidly! He is wonderful with people of all ages (and his canine foster siblings) and adores snuggling on the couch with his foster family … are you looking for a perfect pint-sized cuddle buddy? If you’re interested in meeting Gizmo, please contact Mended Hearts Rescue on their website at Gizmo’s adoption fee is $200.

Gizmo is …
– a pint-sized cuddle buddy with a great smile and even more wonderful personality!
– mostly hairless due to an earlier infection or infestation and it’s uncertain whether it will grow back (but it requires no current medication).
– good with people and other dogs (cats are unknown).
– (mostly) crate-trained.
– (mostly) housebroken.
– neutered.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on his vaccinations and wormed.

Gizmo is special needs because …
– he will require lifelong medication for chronic dry eye.

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