Meet Moonpie & Noodle! *SPECIAL NEEDS* *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Moonpie and Noodle, a bonded pair of two year-old mini Rex rabbits available for adoption through the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Moonpie and Noodle are a couple of seriously special bunnies … they’re actually both hermaphrodites and have both male AND female reproductive organs. They’ve both been spayed and neutered and this abnormality hasn’t affected their personalities in any way, this bonded pair is friendly, sweet and social! Moonpie and Noodle also were born with a genetic condition that causes their ear canals to be nearly closed, which makes them harder of hearing than a normal bunny, but except for being a little easier to startle you would never know. They like toys they can chew, like cardboard, wooden toys and newspaper (they’re a couple of little shredders!) and are very cuddly, loving head and cheek rubs and Eskimo kisses! If you want Moonpie and Noodle to be a part of your forever family, please fill out the adoption questionnaire and check the link on adopting a rabbit from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Their adoption fee is $110 (which helps cover their spay and neuter surgeries) and they’ll come home with a small bag of hay, a small bag of pellets and their veterinary history.

Moonpie & Noodle are …
– a bonded pair of hermaphrodite siblings that MUST be adopted together!
– curious, friendly, social and sweet (they LOVE head and cheek rubs, cuddling and Eskimo kisses!).
– a pair who love toys they can chew on (like cardboard, wooden toys and newspaper) and stuffed animals.
– best in a home with older (or no) children.
– litter-box trained.
– spayed and neutered.

Moonpie & Noodle are special needs because …
– they were born with a genetic condition that causes their ear canals to be almost completely closed, but except for being easier to startle, it doesn’t affect them at all.

I’ve included a link on keeping rabbits as pets from the Indiana House Rabbit Society … there’s tons of great information on their website!

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