Meet Arlo, a very special mixed breed available for adoption through Mended Hearts Rescue! Not much is known about Arlo’s life before he was fortunate enough to be rescued, but he had to have both his eyes removed due to severe glaucoma and has some stability issues due to a brain malformation. His brain condition is stable and he shouldn’t need any future treatment, but Arlo will need adopters that are just as special as him who will be patient, loving and willing to work with him as he continues to deal with his medical conditions. He is a medium-sized boy that would absolutely LOVE to snuggle in his owner’s lap (how could you resist that adorable face if he comes to you for a cuddle?!). He’s still working on going potty outdoors every time and, because of his youth, he likes to play with his mouth sometimes, but he’s currently in a foster home with small children and other animals and does great! Arlo has an incredibly sweet and silly personality and loves to do typical puppy things, like sniff for shoes, chew on cardboard boxes and bark at anything that bothers him … he even likes to try and play fetch! He may not always find what he wants, but he loves to give fetch (and life, for that matter) everything he has to offer! Arlo would love to be in a home with another dog or two (tolerant pups that can be his playmates and help be his eyes) … is your house the perfect forever home for this special boy? If you’re interested in meeting Arlo, please contact Mended Hearts Rescue on their website at

Arlo is …
– a sweet and silly boy who enjoys snuggling in your lap.
– very energetic and would do best in a home with a family who would keep him active, along with one or two other doggy friends to help be his eyes and best friends!
– good with children and other dogs.
– mostly housebroken, but still working on going potty outdoors every time.
– neutered.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on his vaccinations and heartworm negative.

Arlo is special needs because …
– both eyes had to be removed due to severe glaucoma and he was born with a brain malformation; neither condition should need further treatment, just a patient home that can continue to help him work through his health issues.

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