Meet Howie! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Howie, a spirited two year-old mini lop mix available for adoption at the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Howie was the last of 49 rabbits rescued from a site where the rabbit population had gotten way out of control, so he’s been learning how to enjoy being a house bunny and all the perks that go with it, including consistent food, shelter and loving human affection. Howie is definitely a force to be reckoned with and would do best in a home with family that has prior rabbit experience. He’s no bad boy, he’s just curious, energetic and a bit of an escape artist if not properly confined … and he’s quite creative with making messes, too! Just keep your eye on him and you can keep him out of trouble while he keeps you entertained and on your toes! Howie is also a bit of a bossy bun and would do well as an only rabbit or housed separately from other bunnies in the home. If you want Howie to be a part of your forever family, please fill out the adoption questionnaire and check the link on adopting a rabbit from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Howie’s adoption fee is $65 (which helps cover his neuter surgery) and he’ll come home with a small bag of hay, a small bag of pellets and his veterinary history.

Howie is …
– a ball of energy with a penchant for making trouble (such as escaping his cage and creating messes), but highly entertaining!
– best in a home where he’s either the only rabbit or house separately.
– litter-box trained.
– neutered.

I’ve included a link on keeping rabbits as pets from the Indiana House Rabbit Society … there’s tons of great information on their website!

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