Meet Elvis Pigsley!

Meet Elvis Pigsley, an adorable five year-old pot-bellied pig available for adoption at Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary! Elvis was caught as a stray after a couple of months evading his rescuers, but he’s a happy, low-maintenance boy with a laid-back personality. At 90 pounds, Elvis is full-grown and although it takes him a little bit to warm up to people, he’s a very good boy that will need a calm and patient owner and home. This low-key boy is also best friends with a fellow adoptable pig, Rosie, so it would be great if these two BFFs (Best Farm Friends) could be adopted together! Pot-bellied pigs are similar to dogs in the sense that they can be house-trained (although Elvis and Rosie prefer to be outdoor pigs), leash-trained and can learn tricks, but they’re also very stubborn and sensitive. The average lifespan of a pot-bellied pig is anywhere from 12 to 20 years and if you put in the time and love with your little oinker, you’ll have the undying love and loyalty of your pig. If you’re interested in giving Elvis (and hopefully Rosie!) their forever home, please fill out an adoption application online. The adoption fee is $150 for one pig and $275 for the pair, though if you’re out of state it costs an additional $30 and your pig must have a health certificate (Oinking Acres takes their pigs to Purdue Large Animal Hospital to have this done and receive the document).

Elvis is …
– approximately five years old and full-grown at 90 pounds.
– happy, laid-back and a low-maintenance pig!
– best friends with fellow adoptable, Rosie, and the hope is that they can be adopted together.
– best as an outdoors pig.
– neutered.

Rosie and Elvis Pigsley, best farm friends

I’ve included a link on keeping pot-bellied pigs as pets … please consider adopting a pig, they’re wonderful animals!

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