Animal Abuse Offender Registry Petition

“One person can change the world.” – Rosa Parks

I believe that there should be a registry (similar to a sex offender registry) for those who are prosecuted and convicted for animal abuse.  I’ve created a blog promoting animal adoptions and I’ve heard (and seen pictures) of some truly horrifying things that have been done to animals and it breaks my heart.  Some of these poor creatures have been burned alive, had their tails ripped out, been urinated on and beaten and suffered neglect to the point that a dog was frozen solid to the ground after a recent cold snap in our state.  These animals deserve so much better.

Not only does it terrify me that animals are being treated so cruelly, but it’s common knowledge that there is a correlation between animal abuse and child abuse and can go on to even darker and more dangerous things.  (Please check out this link for more information.)  Some of the most notorious serial killers were known to have tortured animals first (Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Boston Strangler, Ted Bundy, BTK and the D.C. Sniper, to name a few).  If there was a nationwide animal abuse offender registry, not only would it potentially save the lives of many innocent animals by allowing shelters, rescues and breeders to screen adopters, but it could also put known animal abusers on watch and potentially save the lives of people.  Please help me save lives by signing this petition, sharing it on social media and talking to your local lawmakers about making a change. “One person can change the world.”  Rosa Parks

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