Meet Layna! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Layna, a sweeter-than-sugar Kunekune pig mix available for adoption through A Critter’s Chance Rescue! Layna is extremely friendly, LOVES to lay down and get belly rubs and is extremely photogenic (she’ll pose for pictures!). Pigs are incredibly smart and can make fantastic pets, though they can tend to be stubborn. The average lifespan of a Kunekune pic is anywhere from 15 to 20 years and if you put in the time and love with your little oinker, you’ll have the undying love and loyalty of your pig.
If you’re interested in giving Layna her forever home, please contact Kelly Thomas with A Critter’s Chance rescue in Plainfield, either by phone [(765) 430-5610] or email ( Layna’s adoption fee is $150 and I’ve included the link to the pig-specific adoption application.

Layna is …
– full-grown at 220 pounds.
– very friendly and docile.
– good with other farm animals.
– spayed.

I’ve included a link on keeping pigs as pets … please consider adopting a pig, they’re wonderful animals!

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