Meet Olivia!

Meet Olivia, a two year-old Harlequin/Lionhead mix available for adoption through the IndyCLAW Rescue! Not much is known about Olivia’s history before being rescued from a gas station, but she’s a cute ball of energy and will keep you entertained! Olivia’s adoption fee is $60. For more information on Olivia, please visit IndyCLAW‘s website or email, visits are by appointment only!

Olivia is …
– lively and full of energy!
– litter-box trained.
– spayed.
– better suited in a home with older children or adults. Rabbits are very fragile, so it’s very important that they’re in a home with people who can pick them up without fear of dropping them!

I have included links to the Harlequin and Lionhead breeds and to IndyCLAW’s rabbit adoption information page. It has tons of great information and things you need to consider before adopting a rabbit and giving it a forever home. Please read this information thoroughly, especially if you are looking to adopt your first bunny!

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