Meet Belinda!

Meet Belinda, an adorable pot-bellied pig available for adoption at Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary! Belinda (who is somewhere between five and seven years old) was rescued with 41 other pigs in a hoarding case last September, but it hasn’t kept her from being an affectionate girl who loves strawberries and belly rubs! Belinda is also good with other animals and is currently in a large herd with other females, including fellow adoptable, Bella, and needs to be adopted with a friend. Belinda is only 150 pounds (so dainty for a pig!), so why not adopt two? Pot-bellied pigs are similar to dogs in the sense that they can be house-trained, leash-trained and can learn tricks, but they’re also very stubborn and sensitive. The average lifespan of a pot-bellied pig is anywhere from 12 to 20 years and if you put in the time and love with your little oinker, you’ll have the undying love and loyalty of your pig. Belinda is spayed and microchipped and is more than ready to find her forever home. If you’re interested in a snorting good time and would like to adopt Belinda, please fill out an adoption application online. Her adoption fee is $150 ($250 for two pigs), though if you’re out of state it costs an additional $100 and your pig must have a health certificate (Oinking Acres takes their pigs to Purdue Large Animal Hospital to have this done and receive the document).

Belinda is …
– an adorably squishy-faced girl who loves strawberries and belly rubs!
– currently a very social outdoor pig in a herd (including fellow adoptable, Bella) and needs to be adopted with a friend.
– spayed.
– microchipped.

I’ve included a link on keeping pot-bellied pigs as pets … please consider adopting a pig, they’re wonderful animals!

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