Meet Lloyd!

Meet Lloyd, a playful three year-old brindle Labrador mix available for adoption through the Happy Tails Animal Care Center! Lloyd is an independent boy who enjoys playing by himself or with someone outside of his kennel … it doesn’t take much to entertain him! He came to the center severely underweight and is still needing several more pounds on his bones, but with proper food and TLC, Lloyd will shine like a new penny! This Lloyd doesn’t need Harry to be happy, but he does need and deserve a loving forever family … is that you? If you’re interested in Lloyd and want to learn more, please call (574) 278-7102 and/or email at and you can also fill out the adoption application on the center’s website. Lloyd’s adoption fee is $130.

Lloyd is …
– playful and independent, but needing to put on more pounds in order to be at a healthy weight.
– neutered.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on his vaccinations and current on Bordatella, flea/tick and heartworm medications.

*Please also check out fellow resident, Hemi … he’s been at the center for awhile and deserves a loving, forever home! Also, note that all dogs brought to the Happy Tails Animal Care Center are strays, so there is not usually much information on each animal’s background. Because of this it’s also unknown whether the dogs are housebroken, but they’re put in their kennels at 9PM and let out at 6AM and many keep their kennels nice and tidy!*

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