Meet Romeo & Juliet! *SPECIAL NEEDS* *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Romeo and Juliet, a bonded pair of two or three year-old pot-bellied pigs available for adoption at Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary! These two were rescued from a tragic hoarding situation in Michigan as a group of 15 pigs, and, as you can see, both have been severely neglected. Romeo is 40 pounds, already neutered and microchipped, but has suffered from an entropic eye condition that will need to be monitored (though he’s already had the necessary corrective surgery). Juliet is very underweight as the result of being severely malnourished and was possibly the result of inbreeding at her former “home” (a term I HATE to use in this case because these poor animals were lucky to even be alive). Juliet has some lumps on the top of her head and when she goes to Purdue for her spay surgery this month she will have a thorough check-up. Both pigs are incredibly well-behaved, sweet, love belly rubs and treats and MUST go to an inside home and MUST be adopted together. Pot-bellied pigs are similar to dogs in the sense that they can be house-trained, leash-trained and can learn tricks, but they’re also very stubborn and sensitive. The average lifespan of a pot-bellied pig is anywhere from 12 to 20 years and if you put in the time and love with your little oinker, you’ll have the undying love and loyalty of your pig. Romeo has been neutered, Juliet will be spayed on the 25th, and they will be more than ready to find their forever home once Juliet is home and healed. If you’re interested in a snorting good time and would like to adopt Romeo and Juliet, please fill out an adoption application online. Their adoption fee is $275, though if you’re out of state it costs an additional $100 per pig and your pigs must have health certificates (Oinking Acres takes their pigs to Purdue Large Animal Hospital to have this done and receive the document).

Romeo & Juliet are …
– a bonded pair that MUST be adopted together to an inside home.
– extremely sweet, great at sitting for treats and big lovers of belly rubs (you seriously couldn’t find two sweeter pigs)!
– neutered and will be spayed, respectively, on the 25th of this month.
– microchipped.

Romeo & Juliet are special needs because …
– Romeo has suffered from an entropic eye condition and it will need monitored, though he’s already had the necessary corrective surgery. Juliet has been severely malnourished and will undergo a thorough examination at Purdue to see if any permanent damage has been done. However, both of these pigs are extremely good-natured and sweet and do not need any current medication.

I’ve included a link on keeping pot-bellied pigs as pets … please consider adopting a pig, they’re wonderful animals!

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