Meet Toast! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Toast, a chill 13 year-old mixed breed available for adoption through Mended Hearts Rescue! Toast might be considered a senior dog, but no one gave him that news … he still loves to play with toys, cuddle, scratch his back on the carpet and romp with his canine foster siblings! This is no spring chicken that will need an hour of vigorous walking and playing to wear out his endless puppy energy, Toast enjoys couch cuddling and soaking up love and attention the most! His senior bloodwork came back great, so don’t let his age deter you from giving him the loving, forever home he deserves … age is just a number, right? There’s only one thing better than sliced bread and that’s Toast, so make this darling boy a member of your forever family! If you’re interested in meeting Toast, please contact Mended Hearts Rescue on their website at Toast’s adoption fee is $200.

Toast is …
– a distinguished 13 year-old senior who doesn’t accept his age and still loves life to the fullest!
– a chill boy whose favorite activity is cuddling on the couch and soaking up all your love!
– good with children and other dogs.
– crate-trained.
– housebroken.
– neutered.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on his vaccinations and a clean bill of health from his senior bloodwork.

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