Meet Percy! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Percy, a cute and fuzzy two year-old mixed rabbit available for adoption through the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Percy had a rough start in life when he was found as a stray and taken in by animal control where it was discovered that his teeth had grown so curled he couldn’t eat (not to mention the fleas!). Lucky for Percy, IHRS rescued him and got him to the vet within just a couple of days to trim his teeth, along with a flea treatment. After the surgery to removed his misaligned incisors, this adorable bun was finally able to groom himself and eat normally, though he’s still trying to put on more weight and will need a bit more follow-up care before he can be adopted. He’s extremely sweet and curious and absolutely loves being a house rabbit … are you Percy’s forever home? If you want Percy to be a part of your forever family, please fill out the adoption questionnaire and check the link on adopting a rabbit from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Percy’s adoption fee is $65 (which helps cover his neuter surgery) and he’ll come home with a small bag of hay, a small bag of pellets and his veterinary history.

Percy is …
– still putting on weight and receiving extra care from his rough start.
– a sweet and curious bun who’s finally able to enjoy eating after his teeth were trimmed!
– litter-box trained.
– neutered.

I’ve included a link on keeping rabbits as pets from the Indiana House Rabbit Society … there’s tons of great information on their website!

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