Meet Drogon! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Drogon, a sweet and laid-back mixed breed puppy available for adoption through Mended Hearts Rescue! Drogon is a bit more quiet than his brothers (including Truman and Wade), but definitely has a curious streak and loves to explore! He will force cuddles on his canine foster siblings (most of the time they like it!) and is a very mellow and good boy for his foster family. Are you the forever family that needs Drogon’s cuddles and curiosity? If you’re interested in meeting Drogon, please contact Mended Hearts Rescue on their website at Drogon’s adoption fee is $200.

Drogon is …
– quiet and laid-back, but enjoys satisfying his curiosity by exploring.
– great with people and other dogs (he loves cuddling with his canine foster siblings, whether they want it or not!).
– working on crate- and housetraining with his foster family.
– neutered.
– microchipped.
– up-to-date on his vaccinations.

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