Meet Doyle! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Doyle, a shy and sweet two month-old kitten available for adoption through the Hancock County Humane Society! I’m a member of the “D” litter of kittens and although I’m more shy than my brothers and am less of an attention hog, I still really love playing and cuddling! Call him Sir Doyle, due to his regal and reserved nature, but he won’t hold you to formalities once he’s snuggled in your arms. He gets along well in his foster home with the senior dogs, adult cats and small children that also live there and wouldn’t mind getting adopted with one of his brothers. Are you looking for a shy and sweet cuddler in the form of a little kitten? If you’re interested in adopting Doyle (and/or Dante or Darwin!), two shelter visits are required before the adoption can be completed and adoption fees vary based on age of cat, age of adopter, etc., so please click the link above for more information.

Doyle is …
– shy and reserved, but a lover of snuggles!
– good with children, dogs and other cats, but would especially like being adopted with one of his brothers.
– litter-box trained.

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