Meet Chase! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Chase, a two year-old English-crested guinea pig available for adopted through
NWI Chinchilla Rescue! Chase was surrendered along with his buddy, Marshall, when their family no longer had the time to play with and spoil them like they deserved. The kids were in school, the parents were at work and Chase and Marshall were left to languish at home alone … so now they’re looking for their forever homes! Chase is a very laid-back guinea pig and enjoys chilling out in his igloos, hiding out and being a bit more introverted than his former bunkmate, Marshall. Chase is a typical guinea pig in that he’s not a big fan of being caught, but once you get ahold of him, he enjoys being handled and petted. This is an incredibly sweet boy … are you ready to give him his forever home? Chase will come with two pounds of Oxbow Cavy Cuisine and a printed out version of the guinea pig care packet. (NWI Chinchilla Rescue also has additional supplies for sale, such as Oxbow guinea pig food, cages, food, food bowls, water bottles, hidey houses, and more.) Regardless of past guinea pig experience, all potential homes will be asked to read their guinea pig care packet and fill out their adoption application/guinea pig questionnaire. No guinea pig will go to a new home without an adoption application being filled out – NO EXCEPTIONS. Chase’s adoption fee is $25 and you must come to them for the adoption, they cannot be shipped (NWI Chinchillas is in Hammond, Indiana).

Chase is …
– very laid-back and enjoys hanging out in his igloos and hidey-holes.

Note: The adoption link above also has a lot of great information about guinea pigs, who can live anywhere from four to eight years. Adopting an animal is a lifelong commitment, so make sure you do plenty of research before adopting your first guinea pig … there’s a lot to learn!

Also … Chase is the guinea pig formerly known as Scooby. He was bonded to the guinea pig formerly known as Shaggy, but when Marshall got bossy, the rescue decided to separate these boys and give them new identities and fresh starts! Check out his old profile here.

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