Meet Tikvah! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Tikvah, a fabulously fluffy four year-old Giant French Angora available for adoption from the Indiana House Rabbit Society! Tikvah is a very cautious girl due to being confiscated from a situation where she had to fight other rabbits for food. Her foster mom has worked very hard to help her deal with food insecurity, but she’s very slow to trust because the people from her former home were not very kind. She has learned to enjoy gentle petting from her foster mom, but will definitely need a patient home with extensive rabbit experience in order to give her the best life possible. Do you speak fluent rabbit and feel you’re up to giving this sweet furball her forever home? If you want Tikvah to be a part of your forever family, please fill out the adoption questionnaire and check the link on adopting a rabbit from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Tikvah’s adoption fee is $65 (which helps cover her spay surgery) and she’ll come home with a small bag of hay, a small bag of pellets and her veterinary history.

Tikvah is …
– a very cautious, reserved rabbit who frightens easily when meeting new people, so she’ll need a patient, forever family who has extensive prior rabbit experience.
– a big girl at 10 pounds and with her gorgeous fur, she’ll require meticulous grooming.
– still getting over food insecurity issues from her previous home and will need to be housed and fed separately if there are other bunnies in the home.
– litter-box trained.
– spayed.

I’ve included a link on keeping rabbits as pets from the Indiana House Rabbit Society … there’s tons of great information on their website!

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