Meet Joey! *UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Joey, a beautiful three year-old English Spot mix rabbit available for adoption through A Critter’s Chance Rescue! Joey is a friendly bun, and although he’s a big boy he’s not really big on cuddling with his people. Joey is super chill, does great with other bunnies and cats, and although he’s untested with dogs, knowing his personality he should do just fine. He’s litter-box trained and would make a great house bunny! If you’re interested in giving this big guy his forever home, please contact Kelly Thomas with A Critter’s Chance rescue in Plainfield, either by phone [(765) 430-5610] or email ( Joey’s adoption fee is $40 and I’ve included the link to the adoption application.

Joey is …
– very laid-back and friendly, but not big on lots of human cuddles.
– good with kitties and other bunnies, and although untested with dogs, should do fine.
– litter-box trained.
– neutered.
– better suited in a home with older children or adults. Rabbits are very fragile, so it’s very important that they’re in a home with people who can pick them up without fear of dropping them, especially when it’s such a big bun with a powerful kick!

I’ve included a link with a list of things to consider before adopting a rabbit. Bunnies can live to be over 10 years old (similar to dogs and cats), so they are still a long-term commitment pet. Also keep in mind that rabbits have fragile hearts, so the noise level of their environment need to be kept in consideration!

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