Meet Wing Ding & Shenanigan! *UPDATE: BOTH ADOPTED!!!*

Meet Wing Ding and Shenanigan, two female parakeets available for adoption through EARPS! Wing Ding is a gorgeous two to three year-old green and yellow lacy parakeet with a beautiful voice that was transferred in from animal control. Shenanigan is a mischievous little troublemaker with an adorable chirp, but since she was found outside her age is unknown. Both love the company of other parakeets, and although Wing Ding is not quite hand tame she enjoys the company of people and is fully flighted. Shenanigan loves to upend her food and water bowls and is a certified paper shredder and she is currently being switched from seed to pellets for her food. These beautiful girls can be adopted separately or together, but they will both need to go to a home with a suitable cage and other parakeet friends so that they don’t get lonely. If you’re interested in adopting Wing Ding and/or Shenanigan, please fill out an adoption application on the EARPS website. The adoption fee for parakeets is $25 for one or $40 for a pair.

I’ve included links on parakeets and bird care … please do your research before adopting one of these beautiful birds, especially if this is your first time adopting a bird!

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