Meet Olive!

Meet Olive, a beautiful two year-old cat available for adoption through IndyCLAW Rescue! Olive had a rough start: locked in a bathroom, unsocialized and never vetted for the first 18 months of her life. After finally being rescued by IndyCLAW and given a second chance, Olive is truly starting to blossom and open up with people. Is Olive’s forever family out there, waiting to give her a chance to be spoiled? For more information on adopting through IndyCLAW, I’ve included the link to their page on Cat or Dog Adoptions. Olive’s adoption fee is $85.

Olive is …
– a beautiful two year-old with the most gorgeous, fluffy tail (not pictured).
– opening up and starting to enjoy interactions with people.
– litter-box trained.
– spayed.
– up-to-date on vaccinations.

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